Photo Booth




The newest trend in weddings, XV birthday parties and any other social event are the photo booths or photo stations, places dedicated for taking photos with a background and props. We all love photos and even more if they bring back happy memories to our mind and heart!

The parties and the photos have a long history together. A lot of us still keep in an old trunk some black and white photos of some party or family reunion where everyone held their breath until the photo came out right. Then the color came in and even the famous polaroid photos that instantly developed the most enjoyable moments of the celebration. After that, technology started coming in with digital cameras, that without the need of the film were able to capture all the moments of the party.

Now with the smartphones, tables and all the mobile technology, aside from being registered, the photos can be shared easily within social networks.

Either way, where there’s a party, there’s a photo capturing that precious moment. But why always repeat the same unoriginal poses? In this new trend, the photo booth is decorated to match the party’s theme where people can pose with different props such as frames of all shapes and sizes, cloth backgrounds, masks, mustaches, funny signs and an endless list of things that we can think of so that everyone has fun while giving out their best pose and face.

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